My name is Farrah and this is my blog. I started this blog and January, and since then, so much has changed. Things change every day, that’s a well-known conception. What isn’t well known is me, my life, and the crazy things I think about. So, I share all of that here.

I’m only 20 and I have so much to learn, but the one thing I actually care to learn about is writing. How to properly write a coherent sentence, how to be grammatically correct, or how to appeal to an audience. I’m learning these things with this blog. I’m quite thankful for this blog. It has saved me in more ways than one, and I’m really glad to be sharing it all with everyone.

One thing I try to focus on is that we’re all the same. We just lead different lives. I like to focus on the fact that there’s a lot of truth in the darkness, and you might notice that I write a lot of dark things. Not because that’s the kind of person I am, but because we all seem to forget what it’s like to be a real, living person. And I find that in our darkest moments, we learn who we really are,

I’m nowhere near perfect. I’m falling behind in school, I don’t have much stability in my life, my love life is spiraling out of control, I can’t seem to hold a regular job on account of the fact that I have to do things other than write stories, and I have an incredibly low opinion of myself. The beautiful thing in all of that is none of it is permanent. I have to remind myself of that daily. We are constantly evolving, constantly growing and becoming new people. Life is weird, and it happens to be a little like me; pretty bipolar.

But if we stick to doing what we love, it makes it a bit easier,
So, this is what I love. I love to write, and I love to connect with people. Hopefully in time, I’ll be able to mix the two together and make something of it.

I’ve met some pretty great people here, and I look forward to meeting more.