The Pathways of Communication

I have an uncle who, for the last few months, has been sending me random videos on Facebook. They weren’t the quick and fun videos that travel through the various dimensions of the web. Rather, they were all, at least, 10-minutes and the subject matter varied from our cultural history, the Haitian government, and videos … Continue reading The Pathways of Communication



Author's Note: This story is a continuation of The Girl in The Car. As I post more and more pieces of Stuart's puzzle, you'll notice that the stories don't line up perfectly, but they're all connected. Enjoy. She’s a whirlwind, he thought as he watched her twirl around girlishly. He exhaled a defeated breath and … Continue reading Misa.


“Hey, how’d it go? You didn’t let me see what you tried on!” She looked hopeful, kind of excited. Knowing I was disappointing her, I gave my best friend a thumbs down sign and frowned. “They just looked stupid, I didn’t feel sexy.” Hanging them back on the returns rack I turned to face her … Continue reading Voices


A box filled with anguish landed in my palms today. Suppressed feelings of dreariness emerged and down the black hole I went, Spiraling down into obscurity. This cocoon of gloom never strays because it knows I never will. I may flirt with tranquility, fluttering my wings into communities of others who don’t feel like me, … Continue reading Numb.