by farrahdomid


I appreciate your candor.
I now understand who you think I am
&What you believe I am here for.
Thank you for creating a monster…
To you, I am vile.
My main purpose is to ruin,
Turn everything gold into
Thick, dark ashes.
Thick, dark gloom to your
Mediocre life.
Thank you for isolating me.
For casting a dark shadow
On my presence.
I’m slowly being eradicated
From you, them, and everything else
&It is all out of my control.
I am spinning in a glass house
&Stones are being thrown..
Vines have been grown,
&to you, I’ve been reaping
Yet, nothing has been sown.
I appreciate you bringing me
Into your world..
Just to watch you take me out of it.
Now, when I disappear..
When my fear becomes quite clear,
And I vanish into the forest..
Amongst dark shadows
&Thick, dark ashes..
You will not see me.
You will not hear me.
Save us all the trouble
Of Pretending that it will matter.