I appreciate your candor.
I now understand who you think I am
&What you believe I am here for.
Thank you for creating a monster…
To you, I am vile.
My main purpose is to ruin,
Turn everything gold into
Thick, dark ashes.
Thick, dark gloom to your
Mediocre life.
Thank you for isolating me.
For casting a dark shadow
On my presence.
I’m slowly being eradicated
From you, them, and everything else
&It is all out of my control.
I am spinning in a glass house
&Stones are being thrown..
Vines have been grown,
&to you, I’ve been reaping
Yet, nothing has been sown.
I appreciate you bringing me
Into your world..
Just to watch you take me out of it.
Now, when I disappear..
When my fear becomes quite clear,
And I vanish into the forest..
Amongst dark shadows
&Thick, dark ashes..
You will not see me.
You will not hear me.
Save us all the trouble
Of Pretending that it will matter.

10 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. This is so something Grey would feel. Do you find the picture first and then write or just add the picture after to tie it all together?

    1. I’m gal you Grey can relate πŸ™‚ &I find the pictures first. I was inspired by Humans of New York&how he interviews people then photographs them. I’m not a photographer so I find pictures I think have depth and I wrote a story to it.

      1. I have seen others do it but I have enjoyed how you tie it in right at the end. It works well.

      1. No problem πŸ™‚ I actually started a few months back, but I hardly posted. I’ve only just started to make more regular posts.

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