Sweetly, Deeply


Come into me, please…
Come love me eternally,
Fall into me freely,
And let me push you sweetly…
So we can make up for lost time,
There’s room for trial and error
Just as long as you and I get lost
In our world so sublime
A world where we push past the lines,
You push past my mind
And continue to climb
Until you reach the center…
I’m radiating heat and waiting for you to enter.
I’d like to feel infinite,
So take advantage of my core..
I’d like to be set free,
So let’s do things that the sun would deplore,
I’d prefer that lapsed time isn’t attempted to be restored
As I’m sure we can buy more,
Make more, create more..
Because…that’s what it feel like
When you come into me..
It tastes like eternity
Wrapped around your heart,
It feels like time has stopped
When you and I are apart..
So, while you’re here…
Just come into me, please.
I’ll push you deeply
While you fall into me freely..
It seems for now that time is on our side,
So take your time…
There’s nothing that for you, I wouldn’t oblige.


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