Author’s Note: This story is a continuation of The Girl in The Car. As I post more and more pieces of Stuart’s puzzle, you’ll notice that the stories don’t line up perfectly, but they’re all connected. Enjoy. She’s a whirlwind, he thought as he watched her twirl around girlishly. He exhaled a defeated breath and … Continue reading Misa.

My Secret Love.

There’s something quite ethereal about being in love in private. At the beginning of my relationship, I wanted the whole world to know. I wanted to post cute photos of us, only for the purpose of receiving comments of approvals from my peers: #Goals You guys are so cute! OMG I love you guys I’ve … Continue reading My Secret Love.

The Power of You.

Change is the only constant in this life. You tie yourself down to friendships and relationships, jobs and cities, and ideas about what your life will be when not a single item on your list is bound to come true. What you don’t foresee are the people who will walk out of your life, leaving … Continue reading The Power of You.

Empty Spaces.

The blood refused to stop spilling. I stared out the window with hazed, blurry vision. Wet fingers pressed against the glass. My sister’s fading voice was shrill as she frantically zipped in and out of traffic. Her face reddening and fingers threatening to burn right through the steering wheel, she threw horrified glances in my … Continue reading Empty Spaces.