Yo peeps. It's a little early to say this, considering the fact that we're three days in, but I'm liking October. Well, so far. There've been a few moments that I'm not ranting and raving about, but for the most part, I've been able to maintain a positive attitude, not to mention an open mind, … Continue reading Journal


Hello, Goodbye

Goodbye to love. Goodbye to life. Goodbye to breathing. Hello to mourning. You are gone&part of me is too. My world is now blue. &I feel so askew. Goodbye to you. Goodbye to us. Goodbye to love. Hello to heartbreak. This pain I can't take. My future seems to be at stake. For my life … Continue reading Hello, Goodbye

Not Really Sure

Hey! I'm terrible with intros. Man, this week sucked. I suuuuuuucked. But, today is Friday. Fridays are always good. I haven't really had the best time this week, but a really good friend of mine made sure I survived. She made sure that I was okay, that I was taken care of, and that … Continue reading Not Really Sure

Gasping For Air

I still search for you in the darkness, Only to realize that you’re no longer there. I still hope that you’re within my reach, But it’s quite apparent that you no longer care. We’ve been nothing short of tumultuous, Leaving behind a trail of slicing words, bruised emotions, &irreparable damage. Yet, I still search for … Continue reading Gasping For Air

The Trouble In..

I'm finding it to be quite difficult to take part in your happiness... You see, my world is in shambles. My heart is scattered..lying on the floor In a million tiny pieces... &beside it is my mind. At the moment, all I can register Is this burning pain.. This morbid desire to remain Insane.. Because … Continue reading The Trouble In..