The unpredictability of love is what scares me. You're like a butterfly; fluttering and showcasing your beauty effortlessly while we all gaze in amazement, watching with awed expressions as you manage to escape us all, yet leave us all wondering how we can capture your essence. I mustn't look for things my brain isn't capable … Continue reading Butterfly



Whenever I love something or someone too much, I always fear that it'll get taken away from me. Just now, I was looking at pictures of my cat and naturally, being the creep that I am, I started thinking of what my life would be like without her. I know that at some point, we … Continue reading Journal


The emptiness is screaming. It was once a shy whisper That evolved to a dull sound.. Penetrating my mind Every waking second. It fears my naïveté is overtaking My control.. But did I have any to begin with? I ached to feel something. I yearned for the evolution of my Expectations.. To be taken from … Continue reading 11:20

Hello, Goodbye

Goodbye to love. Goodbye to life. Goodbye to breathing. Hello to mourning. You are gone&part of me is too. My world is now blue. &I feel so askew. Goodbye to you. Goodbye to us. Goodbye to love. Hello to heartbreak. This pain I can't take. My future seems to be at stake. For my life … Continue reading Hello, Goodbye


To be filled with so much doubt, So much angst. To be constantly feeling every curve Of the anticipation you create. To feel everything, Anything At all times.. It's tiring, it hurts. It spells and smells Of defeat. It leads to dead ends With lonely, rusted signs Awaiting the return Of the person who thought … Continue reading 3:51


They beg to heard. The silence is screeching, &my ears are bleeding. So crucial is the feeling, It slams against you until Your attention has been sought, Until you have nothing left To do but... Listen. So you do. You listen to the screaming voices, The words dripping in blood Forcing you to believe that … Continue reading Untitled

Gasping For Air

I still search for you in the darkness, Only to realize that you’re no longer there. I still hope that you’re within my reach, But it’s quite apparent that you no longer care. We’ve been nothing short of tumultuous, Leaving behind a trail of slicing words, bruised emotions, &irreparable damage. Yet, I still search for … Continue reading Gasping For Air