A man walks into a bar, and sits on a stool. Before he orders his usual drink, he turns toward the rest of the establishment and looks at what kind of people are in his company for the evening. Some, he feels, look like decent people. The others are scum. People he would never associate … Continue reading Bottomless


Words In the Dark

9:27: DrFeelGud: Somethin tells me ur really sexy 9:31: DrFeelGud: U there? I dont bite 9:31: SunflwrSeed86: I won't carry on a conversation with you unless you write like an adult. 9:32: DrFeelGud: lol u gonna spank me if I dont baby? Wut r u wearing 9:33: SunflwrSeed86: Wow. Okay. This was a bad idea. … Continue reading Words In the Dark