My Heart

Our song came on this morning as I was getting dressed and it took me back. I relished the moment for a few seconds, but I decided not to give you the satisfaction. I don't want to go back. I don't want to feel nostalgic or feel remorse because truthfully, I'm perfectly happy where I … Continue reading My Heart



I haven't moved a muscle since Last fall. Leaves on trees have Grown&browned, They've fallen&produced New lives, new chances.. They have introduced a new day. The wind blows wistfully, Moving along in it's passage.. Dancing to the rhythm of time.. Yet, I.. Remain stagnant. I can't find the courage to Resist the comfortability in Standing … Continue reading Stagnancy

Hello, Goodbye

Goodbye to love. Goodbye to life. Goodbye to breathing. Hello to mourning. You are gone&part of me is too. My world is now blue. &I feel so askew. Goodbye to you. Goodbye to us. Goodbye to love. Hello to heartbreak. This pain I can't take. My future seems to be at stake. For my life … Continue reading Hello, Goodbye

Within Me Lies…

A part of me thinks that you think I don’t need you. Maybe that’s why you refuse to do anything to fix the mind fuck of a situation we’re in. Little do you know, I need you more than I can put into words. For the first time in my life, the love I feel … Continue reading Within Me Lies…

Clocked Out

My biggest fear has come true. Well, one of them. I've allowed my mediocre ass job to take over my creative freedom. When I'm not working, I'm tired. When I'm not tired, I'm working. I spend most of my down time on Netflix or working out, and that leaves no time for my writing. It's … Continue reading Clocked Out

Change Is Good, People

Quick story that I thought was funny: I was editing my last post (Seasons) and for whatever reason, the page was showing me that my last post was Critical, which was a week ago. So I’m like “what?! It’s been a whole week? What the hell?” So then I told myself like whoa, you’ve gotta … Continue reading Change Is Good, People