A friend asked me recently why I love my cat: Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and I find her watching me from a corner somewhere in my room. People who've seen this actually happen always think it's weird or creepy. I've actually had a friend tell me that it like … Continue reading Lola


Not Really Sure

Hey! I'm terrible with intros. Man, this week sucked. I suuuuuuucked. But, today is Friday. Fridays are always good. I haven't really had the best time this week, but a really good friend of mine made sure I survived. She made sure that I was okay, that I was taken care of, and that … Continue reading Not Really Sure

Gasping For Air

I still search for you in the darkness, Only to realize that you’re no longer there. I still hope that you’re within my reach, But it’s quite apparent that you no longer care. We’ve been nothing short of tumultuous, Leaving behind a trail of slicing words, bruised emotions, &irreparable damage. Yet, I still search for … Continue reading Gasping For Air

Rays of My Sun

I wasn't aware of your infinite beauty... I wasn't prepared for the things you could do to me, Introduce to me. I didn't know I'd let you unravel me Like a finely wrapped present on a white Christmas morning.. My contents kept hidden Until you relieved me of my distress.. I welcomed your caress And … Continue reading Rays of My Sun


Since I've been away, There seems to be a problem with Communication..&I can no longer read you. I can no longer hear you.. Just your silent breath On the other end of a phone That is slowly sucking The life out of us. We don't connect as we once did, No more late night laughs.. … Continue reading Horizons