A box filled with anguish landed in my palms today. Suppressed feelings of dreariness emerged and down the black hole I went, Spiraling down into obscurity. This cocoon of gloom never strays because it knows I never will. I may flirt with tranquility, fluttering my wings into communities of others who don’t feel like me, … Continue reading Numb.



I feel like I’m losing everything. I think despite everything that has happened within the last year or so, I’ve done pretty well with containing my emotions and not allowing it to stop my progress. Though, there are nights like tonight when it really just seems like everything has crashed and burned. On February 11th, … Continue reading Loss.


On the outside, I’m functioning. I walk, talk, breathe and speak like the rest of the people in this world, but on the inside, I’m curled up in a dark corner. I haven’t moved an inch from my rusting, dingy post since last fall, and every time I think I might’ve slayed the dragon within, … Continue reading 7:55


I kind of hope you disappoint me. A part of me awaits the moment You fall through, Show your real face &blow away with fall leaves As I'm left to reassess what This all means. I believed in the possibility Of my expectations.. All my pretty, glittered dreams. But as time goes along, There seems … Continue reading 7:08


To be filled with so much doubt, So much angst. To be constantly feeling every curve Of the anticipation you create. To feel everything, Anything At all times.. It's tiring, it hurts. It spells and smells Of defeat. It leads to dead ends With lonely, rusted signs Awaiting the return Of the person who thought … Continue reading 3:51


They beg to heard. The silence is screeching, &my ears are bleeding. So crucial is the feeling, It slams against you until Your attention has been sought, Until you have nothing left To do but... Listen. So you do. You listen to the screaming voices, The words dripping in blood Forcing you to believe that … Continue reading Untitled