Yo peeps. It's a little early to say this, considering the fact that we're three days in, but I'm liking October. Well, so far. There've been a few moments that I'm not ranting and raving about, but for the most part, I've been able to maintain a positive attitude, not to mention an open mind, … Continue reading Journal



I still smell you in my sheets. I still see your arm intertwined with mine.. Lying comfortably as if we Weren't living in an alternate reality. The sun rose &swallowed our secrets whole.. You were gone. &eventually, I was too. It seems that's a side effect of love; A piece of you will never actually … Continue reading Cycles


[On the Fly]

I think it’s sad when people feel that they have to go all the way every time. I mean this in the sense that for most people who’ve had sex, sex becomes the end all be all of intimate encounters. I won’t pretend to be some enlightened being who’s moved beyond making the beast with two backs. Truth is, I love sex. It feels good. That being said, sometimes I just don’t want to go all the way. Sometimes I just want do what the virgins do; do what I did back in high school, make out.

I want kissing. To be kissed and to kiss all over in return. I want clothes on–well, pants on. I miss the sound of clothes ruffling on clothes. There’s something intoxicating about knowing you could have something but not taking it. Making out after you’ve lost your virginity is akin to a…

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