The unpredictability of love is what scares me. You’re like a butterfly; fluttering and showcasing your beauty effortlessly while we all gaze in amazement, watching with awed expressions as you manage to escape us all, yet leave us all wondering how we can capture your essence. I mustn’t look for things my brain isn’t capable of handling, but I can’t help but wonder why you won’t come to me. In reality, you are the tainted, poisonous knife that has been thrusted into my side. You twist and then you turn, you flip and then you slide…deeper and deeper until I’m made aware of your inevitability of simply stay still. And then, you move along…you move along with time and everything else is left behind. So, allow me to do the honors before the pain you caused does. Allow me to release the demons that I leave behind closed doors. Because you push..&you push. You beg to awaken the creatures of pensive sadness within me, so if I must, I will oblige. Little butterfly, so beautiful and untouchable. I watch from afar imagining what it would be like, just for one second, to be your wind and your sky. Just for a moment, I imagine what it would be like to be enough for you…except the moment fades. You leave my shoulder and move on into the great wonders of our universe…leaving me watching, awed and flustered by my inability to move..on.


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