by farrahdomid

I haven’t moved a muscle since
Last fall.
Leaves on trees have Grown&browned,
They’ve fallen&produced
New lives, new chances..
They have introduced a new day.
The wind blows wistfully,
Moving along in it’s passage..
Dancing to the rhythm of time..
Yet, I..
Remain stagnant.
I can’t find the courage to
Resist the comfortability in
Standing still.
The protection one feels in
Being frozen in silence..
Will eventually be replaced
By a gurgling fear
Smoothly rising from deep within..
Eerily reminding you of
Your stunted growth.
I’ve begun to feel a disconnection
With the wind&the leaves..
I’m being cheated by time,
&They’ve all come together like
A band of thieves…
Stealing my chances in the thick
Of the night..
But perhaps it’s on me
For choosing to diminish my own light..
To stand still in the shadows
Of the dark.
&Sternly refusing to be accepting
Of the clocks plight.