8 thoughts on “Lola”

  1. Cats are wonderful creatures, both dependent and independent, both dominant and submissive. They are very sensitive creatures. Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer our cat has started demanding time to sit with me when before, she usually only sat with my daughter. They are best friends, she sits with my daughter as she plays her video games as if to say “hey, I’m going to play too”, or “I want to watch.” And if we screw up, they’ll always be the first to let you know and the first to forgive you. I love the different personalities of cats.

    1. Right? There so intuitive and unique and just so intelligent. I love how they have their own personalities and they stay to themselves. Very quiet, very calm for the most part. They’re beautiful creatures

      1. I can’t agree with you more. No one understands why I’m so attached to my cat and why I really treat her like my kid, but she’s my life! Lol I’m obsessed with her

      2. I understand completely. In my opinion they’re better than children because you don’t have to support them through college, they almost never back talk, and they always love you.

      3. Lol I love how you said almost never back talk. Even when they do, it’s cute! &yeah, muuuuuch cheaper than children. I enjoy the feeling of parenting without actually being a real parent. One things for sure, I can’t imagine my life without her in it. The world is much funnier place when pets are involved

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