I wonder if possible to see the lies in your eyes.
As much as I stare,
I can never compare
The burning glare surfacing from the supreme
Deceits that roll off your tongue with ease,
Leaving me speechless and aloof…
Yet, all the while aware of your capabilities
To charm the sun out of its’ rays
Make it leave its resting place…
Simply because you told it to.
Your words are sprinkled with glitter.
Pretty little adjectives strewn together
That could make the coldest winter shiver,
As your smile twinkles aside black lies
And your glass eyes remain frozen,
Your heart decomposing in the quicksand
Of the falsehood of your being.

Do you think you’ll ever change?

Will you ever arise to greet the morning sun
With the burning desire to allow your tales to be undone?
Have you the courage to stand before us all
And say that you, sir, are not, in fact, that tall.
You are a mere child with the stature of a man.
You dance the dance of thieves,
Waltzing in and out of lives,
Smoothly fox trotting across the slippery slopes of
Until your job is done.
Until you’ve deceived and you leave
With the satisfaction of knowing you’ve won.
Has enough not been had?
Because I, for one, feel foolish.
In the stillness of the night, my heart speaks to me
And asks, “How can we undo this?
How do we return to an unsolicitous freedom?”
I whimper in agony.
Abysmally living each day wondering how
I can extract you from me
So I can go back to living peacefully.
A world of serenity that withholds
Your very existence…

I hope for your sake you do change.

For even if the sun cannot
Detect your silver tongue…
The moon amongst a cloudless sky
Can tell apart your truths from your lies…
Your duplicities will not go unpunished,
Nor will be they be forgotten.
The wiles of the night mistress are far more
Enticing than you can ever imagine.
They will lure you, tease you…
Make you believe that she’d like to appease you.
Only to trap you in the twilight of her stars.
Until you’ve repented every line and every bar,
Every deep, deep scar that you’ve placed
Upon this world.
And at that moment you will beg.
You will beg like a whore who has not been paid.
And it is only the moon who can inform you of your fate.


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