Sisters of the Swamp

by farrahdomid


There comes a time in a young mans life when he must decide if he will choose to insert his graceful hands into the tender, beating heart of a woman, or vainly abuse her beauty simply to ravage her nature in hopes of being rewarded with the affirmation that he is, indeed, a man.

We are The Sisters of the Swamp, and here, those vile creatures come to die. The opposites believe themselves to be so sly, so filled with power that women are beguiled by their words and slick actions. Fools! We are more aware than they care to acknowledge. Our brains are not filled with rose petals covered in mist, our wits consist of different worlds and ideas, so much more than we are ever credited. We do not sway our hips for the amusement of these animals, nor is our sole purpose to be undermined, sheltered, and submissive. These men, the lustful animals that walk amongst us, deserve to be taught a lesson.

And we are here to fulfill that purpose.

Such filth are their brains. They refuse to see beyond the surface; heaven forbid they dare to dig deeper than plowing through the sunflower fields of a woman. These creatures, these tormentors, crawl the earth beneath the guise of innocence. As if their sheer fascination of the female form is anything but tactless selfishness hidden behind faux smiles and ingenuous acts. Monsters! We see beyond their cracked facade. We have been blessed with the ability to distinguish the kind-hearted from the malicious, grimy beasts.

For such weak individuals that pride themselves on being masculine and more intelligent, luring them is an effortless task.

Hunters and gatherers, visitors of these dark woods, always find themselves drinking from our fresh waters. We release an enticing aroma into the tepid air, and those who follow, those who find it an indomitable feat to resist our radiance, are the living, breathing poisons we live to annihilate.

“Come hither, my handsome new admirer. I have places I’d like for you to explore…and one kiss from me, your life will open up in ways you couldn’t have possibly imagined.”

I watch as their eyes light up, and their parts swell at the excitement of my beauty. The fullness of my breasts, the curve of my body…the life in my hips. They simply cannot resist.

So we teach them a lesson.

“Won’t you come closer, my dear? I’ve something for you to see…do my lips look inviting? I’ll allow you a taste if you come near..”