They beg to heard.
The silence is screeching,
&my ears are bleeding.

So crucial is the feeling,
It slams against you until
Your attention has been sought,
Until you have nothing left
To do but…

So you do.
You listen to the screaming voices,
The words dripping in blood
Forcing you to believe that
You’re not good enough.
That you will never..
Be exceptional.

It’s a tale of two lovers..
Drawn to each other
Like sick, twisted addicts.
A tale of two lovers,
Where only one survives.
Chances are it isn’t you.

Because now, you’ve listened.
You lost all control
&allowed your mind to be seized
By everything dark,
Everything that shelters
The one thing that can kill you.

So you lock yourself up..
Shed a gallon of tears about..
About how this world
Wants to eat you up.

What you don’t understand is that
It wants to eat us all.
But you’re only seeing you.
I guess that’s what they say,
That you always just see yourself.
You’re always the victim.

Now, you’re holding a piece of glass
That you got from the mirror
You broke.
You’re slicing..&slicing..
Until there is nothing left of you.

You’d departed years ago.

Except now,
You’ve finally succumbed
To the voices.
And as it turns out,
They’ve landed you in a place
Where you can’t hear anything.
Not even them.

Even though..
They convinced you
That they were all you had.


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