Violent Dream

Feels like I'm losing my mind a little bit. It also feels like I have a major issue with just....shutting up sometimes. I'm working on a story right now, but I had to stop and let my mind breathe. I'm feeling a lot of things right now and I felt like I was allowing my … Continue reading Violent Dream



“Excuse me, sir. Can you help me find my mom?” I heard this tiny voice and my first instinct was to ignore it. Maybe he was talking to someone else. I tried to go back to eating my bagel and tried my best not to look over my newspaper, but the kid was persistent. He … Continue reading Stork


“You know how much I love you, right.”It was more of a statement than a question. He knew, and I knew he knew.We lied there quietly, fear and smoke amidst the air. Words and thoughts we’d never allow to breathe hung from the ceiling by a little thread, and here we were just...existing.“It’s hard to … Continue reading Roots


To be filled with so much doubt, So much angst. To be constantly feeling every curve Of the anticipation you create. To feel everything, Anything At all times.. It's tiring, it hurts. It spells and smells Of defeat. It leads to dead ends With lonely, rusted signs Awaiting the return Of the person who thought … Continue reading 3:51

Part 2

Before we got out of the car, Michael grabbed my hand and squeezed tightly. I looked at him with concern and asked what was on his mind.“What if they don’t like me? What if they want you to leave me or something?” He cast his eyes in the direction of the front door, fearing that … Continue reading Part 2

Red Moon

I often wonder if our desires are foolish. This game we continue to play of Running back and forth between Our hearts and the inevitable truth Makes it almost unbearable to exist. While I'm eager to quit And resume the life I lived before you.. A brush against your lips Makes it easy to persist … Continue reading Red Moon