2:26 AM

I felt it slip from the grasp of my fingers.

Then again, I wasn’t firmly holding on.

Just enough that it belonged to me,

But not enough that it couldn’t freefall into the world.

I held onto the comfort…the trust.

I fell madly and deeply in fascination

With the feeling of protection.

There’s something odd about misfortunes cascading all around you.

At first, very slowly.

And then rushing in all at once.

To say it blindsides you is quite the understatement.

It eases into your flesh with a purposeful speed…

Aching in your gut as it twists and turns.

You expect to stop, to be pulled out from you slowly

With glistening blood, bits and pieces of you.

Rotting flesh you wanted to get rid of, anyway.

But it doesn’t.

It travels…and travels…then it hits your heart.

And only then, does it come tearing out of your chest.

Then you stare in agonizing amazement at your heart

Shining brightly, bleeding profusely

Sitting atop a blade

That you didn’t really care about.

You watch as something you didn’t truly love

Have the power to bring you to your knees.

Simply because the pain you caused

Was too much for it to bear,

So it decided to share.


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