“I’ve never been so deep inside a shadow,”

I think I’m keeping myself from my own light..

Shielding myself from what’s bright

&it’s not intentional, I don’t think.

Maybe it is and each time I blink

I close my eyes on the world,

Close my eyes on possible potential…

&I lose out on everything.

I’m having a hard time accepting myself

Because I’d like to be better.

Yet, I keep running into this wall of old habits

&all these old memories keep acting as a fetter,

So you know what I’ll do? I’m gonna write a letter,

I’m going to tell my past that I’m feeling pretty stellar.

I’m no longer blue, I’ve changed my color.

I’ve taken on a different hue.

This time a bright shade of pink,

&it’s accompanied with a smile.

I’ve decided that’s my new style.

I just wish I could accept it forever and not just for awhile

This shadow is cruel and stretches for miles and miles…

But I don’t dare to be frightened by such things

I’m no longer being held up by someone else’s strings,

I’m feeling free, so free I’ll fly over the world

With my special little wings.

I really just hope I can accept it forever

So forever, that never becomes never.


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