Not Really Sure

3 thoughts on “Not Really Sure”

  1. Good for you getting it out! I like your idea ” do me the way I do you” it’s very true…you give and give and give and you don’t even really expect much in return. Keep your head up. Hope your weekend is better!

  2. Those men don’t deserve you. I’ve been told, once a person narrows their focus, knows exactly what they want, then it will be there. I found the path I wanted, then all I had to do was narrow my focus to the next step to be taken. It is amazing what happens. Those guys are there to tell you to narrow your focus, become clearer in your mind as to what you need and want in life and in men or a man. Just sayin’ that’s all… sorry your week was so tough, *hugs and a kiss on the cheek* take time for yourself this weekend, relax and enjoy it, you deserve it. -Kate

    1. Not even a little bit. I actually very much agree with you. It brings to mind the idea that if no one else will love me, then I’ll learn to love myself until I meet someone who can. I’ve been so out of it these last few days, barely understanding anything, and I just want to be with myself. Be selfish with myself. Like you, I’d like to find my path. That’s hard to do sometimes when someone is beside you leading you astray. I poured everything out tonight so I’m feeling very free.Thank you 🙂 I hoe you’re well

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