Gasping For Air

Gasping For Air

I still search for you in the darkness,
Only to realize that you’re no longer there.
I still hope that you’re within my reach,
But it’s quite apparent that you no longer care.
We’ve been nothing short of tumultuous,
Leaving behind a trail of slicing words, bruised emotions,
&irreparable damage.
Yet, I still search for you in the corners of my mind,
Hoping to find any indication that we might have a pulse..
I feel I might always be reliant towards you,
Waiting for you to catch me when I fall…
But I’ve opened my eyes, I’ve unblocked my mind..
I’ve let myself be free to believe
That you are no longer the person you once were.
Whatever we had, whatever was there…
Has undoubtedly been squandered by broken dreams..
We’ve stepped on the glass left behind, emitting nightmares
And sorrowful screams.
We’ve forgotten who we were and pass by slyly
On pins and needles…waiting for the other to crack.
But in the back of mind, something tells me to leave.
It tells me to retrieve my emotional belongings…
Place them somewhere else and simply move on.
Because to fully express myself towards you,
I’d like to say that anyone who makes me feel like a burden…
Will be rewarded with our flicker of light,
As dim as it may be,
Being diminished indefinitely
So that I might finally have the courage to breathe


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