Definition of Brief Moments


It wasn’t a good idea for us to do what we did. We’ve put ourselves in an uncompromising situation, and now there’s no going back. What frustrates me even more is how right we felt. I daydream about your warm hands on the small of my back, your lips brushing my neck. I hear your voice in my head, and I just…wish you were more than a dream. As real it was, as real as it felt, none of it is tangible. It’s a figment of our pretty little imaginations, and we simply continue to feed it. Your touch runs through me, momentarily lives inside of me, and then it moves past me. Eventually we’ll get slapped harshly with reality, forcing us to climb down from this high…this world we’ve created. A world no one can know one could ever understand. Every night since you’ve been gone, I’ve had this tingling feeling living on the surface of my skin…places you last touched. Places I need you to explore..I love you. I..really love you. I’m not sure what it means sometimes because it’s been so long since I’ve said that and truly meant it, but the moment I saw your face..the moment you pressed your lips against my neck…the second our lips collided, those words echoed in my brain and all I wanted was…more. I want more, I need more. It feels like my body is aching and longing for you.. It feels like the days passing are all a blur until I’m with you again. You’ve captured my mind. You didn’t steal my didn’t set it on fire…you’ve somehow found your way into the corners of my mind and now I can’t..breathe. I can’t really sleep. Coming from where I’ve been, I thought this would be impossible. That I’d never find my way back to a place like this. Then the second we parted..I suddenly missed you..with a fierce intensity and it felt like I had to have you..feel you. Then I realized that you..have me. And everything about that seems to make sense. It seems feels natural. It’s reasonable. Except it isn’t, it shouldn’t..because it’s all trapped in our the world we created.


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