Words In the Dark


9:27: DrFeelGud: Somethin tells me ur really sexy

9:31: DrFeelGud: U there? I dont bite

9:31: SunflwrSeed86: I won’t carry on a conversation with you unless you write like an adult.

9:32: DrFeelGud: lol u gonna spank me if I dont baby? Wut r u wearing

9:33: SunflwrSeed86: Wow. Okay. This was a bad idea. And..just to put this out there, I have no intention of spanking you or anyone else.

9:33: DrFeelGud: U came here lookin for somethin so let me help u find it

9:38: DrFeelGud: Stop disappearing. Loosen up baby just tell me wut u have on. Probably haven’t changed out of your work clothes

9:39: SunflwrSeed86: That isn’t true. I’ve already showered and changed into my pajamas.

9:39: DrFeelGud: Just kill me with the sexiness why dont ya

9:40: SunflwrSeed86: Very funny.

9:41: DrFeelGud: Lol alright tell me y ur here

9:43: SunflwrSeed86: Not until you write like an adult. I refuse to speak to you this way. We are not preteens.

9:43: DrFeelGud: If I do, will you loosen up?

9:44: SunflwrSeed86: Oh, look at that, punctuation.

9:45: DrFeelGud: What do I get for being a good boy? Show me your tits. I deserve a treat.

9:45: SunflwrSeed86: Don’t do that. You’re not a dog.

9:45: SunflwrSeed86: Maybe we should just…stop it. This isn’t working.

9:47: DrFeelGud: Charlotte, why are you making this is so hard

9:47: SunflwrSeed86: Don’t break character! You’re breaking the rules!

9:48: DrFeelGud: And you’re being frigid. You couldn’t think of something better than sunflower seed? It’s a sex chat room, honey.

9:48: SunflwrSeed86: Right, because ‘DrFeelGud’ isn’t the most common name ever. How many variations of that did you have to do for the site to allow it?

9:50: DrFeelGud: Okay, we’re done. I’m coming home. Did you make dinner? Where are the kids?

9:51: SunflwrSeed86: Stop, just stop. I want to do this. I’ll…get..hot. Can we start over?

9:52: DrFeelGud: Yes, babe. Alright, so what are you wearing?

9:52: SunflwrSeed86: Can you ask me something else? I already said pajamas..if I change my answer, I feel like it’ll be weird.

9:54: DrFeelGud: Charlotte…

9:55: SunflwrSeed86: I don’t have anything on.

9:57: DrFeelGud: Really?

9:58: SunflwrSeed86: 😉

10:00: DrFeelGud: Touch your pussy and see if it’s wet.

10:01: SunflwrSeed86: WOW. What happened to baby steps? What the fuck was that? See if I’m wet?

10:02: DrFeelGud: I like it when you curse, do it again.

10:02: SunflwrSeed86: What else do you like?

10:02: DrFeelGud: Whoa, that was really good babe. That actually turned me on.

10:03: SunflwrSeed86: Daniel, stop breaking character!

10:03: DrFeelGud: Lol my apologies. Alright, I like it when you’re on top.

10:05: SunflwrSeed86: Why?

10:05: DrFeelGud: I like watching your tits bounce up and down. I like grabbing your ass.

10:06: SunflwrSeed86: Oh, really? What else?

10:07: DrFeelGud: Honey, I can’t be doing all the talking. You have to say things, too.

10:09: SunflwrSeed86: I don’t know what to say! I want to fuck you?

10:11: DrFeelGud: We don’t have to do this, Char.

10:11: SunflwrSeed86: Okay, great. So we’ll tell Dr. Fine that we practiced?

10:12: DrFeelGud: Sure. I’ll be home in a few minutes.

10:14: SunflwrSeed86: I tried, Daniel.

10:15: DrFeelGud: I know. I’m gonna stop by the bar on my way home. That ok?

10:20: DrFeelGud: Charlotte?

10:24: SunflwrSeed86: Use a condom.

SunflwrSeed86 has left the chat room.


7 thoughts on “Words In the Dark

  1. Kate Spyder says:

    That’s too funny. Chat conversations can go so all over the place. Although if I were her, I’d… well, I won’t say what I would do… *laugh* no I take that back *evil laugh* I loved it.

    • farrahdomid says:

      Lol! Love the evil laugh. Thank you! I’m not sure how this came about, but I wanted to try something different. It’s bit out there. Thanks for enjoying it!

      • Kate Spyder says:

        other than the fact they knew each other, I can’t tell you how the opening of that sounded so familiar. I’ve had too many conversations with men that started out that way before they even said hello. ha, so I loved the twist in yours.

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