The Grape Vine

“You heard they’re getting a divorce, didn’t you?”Scoffs. “Well, of course they are. She’s a harlot. It’s about time he came to his senses.”“Why, yes, but what I don’t understand is why he would marry the tramp in the first place.”“Don’t be naïve, Betty. Why else?”“Oh, you don’t imagine little Bobby was conceived out of … Continue reading The Grape Vine


Once More For the Road

I did it again.A very long time ago, I promised myself that I would have nothing to do with you. I swore to every god in our overrated existence that I would never even mention your name. Yet, today, I did it again. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to rekindle … Continue reading Once More For the Road

Angels&Their Breeze

Angels in the breezeSharing secrets with willow trees.Staring wide-eyed at the brutality of the worldYet, so dazed by the innocence surrounding themThat could vanish with the blink of an eye.Angels in the breezeSwinging on swingsIce cream dripping freelySticking sweetly…Not a care in the world for anything but dreamsDeaf to the sound of screamsImmune to the … Continue reading Angels&Their Breeze

2:56 AM

I have this fear that I will eat you up and spit you out. I believe that I have all tis love living inside of me. I’ve convinced myself that it has created a home. It has found shelter in something bright, something pure. Yet, since when has it been possible to find beautiful flowers … Continue reading 2:56 AM

2:26 AM

I felt it slip from the grasp of my fingers.Then again, I wasn’t firmly holding on.Just enough that it belonged to me,But not enough that it couldn’t freefall into the world.I held onto the comfort…the trust.I fell madly and deeply in fascinationWith the feeling of protection.There’s something odd about misfortunes cascading all around you.At first, … Continue reading 2:26 AM

Change Is Good, People

Quick story that I thought was funny: I was editing my last post (Seasons) and for whatever reason, the page was showing me that my last post was Critical, which was a week ago. So I’m like “what?! It’s been a whole week? What the hell?” So then I told myself like whoa, you’ve gotta … Continue reading Change Is Good, People


“I've never been so deep inside a shadow,”I think I’m keeping myself from my own light..Shielding myself from what’s bright&it’s not intentional, I don’t think.Maybe it is and each time I blinkI close my eyes on the world,Close my eyes on possible potential…&I lose out on everything.I’m having a hard time accepting myselfBecause I’d like … Continue reading Seasons