Wine Glass Reflections

Wine Glass Reflections

There comes a moment when you realize just how alone you are.

She has him, he has her, they have each other, and you…

Well, you have you.

That’s not entirely a terrible thing to have yourself to rely on

Because what many don’t realize is that…

You can make you happy.

You can make yourself sad, disappointed, you can make yourself cry

Make yourself feel like limits don’t exist, not even in the sky..

Simply because it’s you.

You know who you are, what you like, what you feel

No need for pointless explanations, or sorrowful apologies…

You will always understand.

You hold your happiness in the palm of your hands, you’ll let yourself in…

You won’t step on your feelings,

Make yourself ashamed or…embarrassed for what you want,

It’s just you.

There’s something quite peaceful in realizing

That the only thing loving you back besides you

Is the wine swishing in your glass,

Maybe what you had for dinner last…

But you have a tighter grip on yourself than a necklace clasp…

You love you more than the people in your life who seem to just pass,

By and then leave without saying goodbye

They go from hot to cold

Not much longer after that first hi,

And that’s okay…because you have you.

And as I write this solemnly, sadly, wistfully…

This is perhaps the loneliest I’ve felt in some time,

And as the wine in my glass stares back at me,

Waiting patiently to become…nothing.

I realize that I won’t dwell.

I won’t allow my brain to swell,

Or tears to form a puddle, not even a well

Of angst in honor of the pooling loneliness…

I’ll just sit here.

I will sit in the darkness, maybe the light.

I’ll continue to befriend the words that I write,

And that will be all…so simply..



10 thoughts on “Wine Glass Reflections

  1. You have mastered the tone of the languid, dreamlike spiral down into a state of mild intoxication. I felt the turns of hope, defiance, and pained confession. I’ve felt this. Like a seemingly homogeneous glass of wine, we all have layers. Our consciousness has stages. But if we can move with grace through them, and back, much like the way this poem has done, it’s really not so bad. 🙂

    Keep that heart of yours inspired. Our eloquence will save us yet. 😉

    1. I apologize for such a late response..but thank you, thank you so much 🙂 loneliness is quite the horrid attacks us all at one point or another, but as you said, once we move through it, it’s not so bad. I hope you remain inspired as well! Thanks again 🙂

    1. I’m learning to. It’s important to look beyond yourself when you feel like you’re lacking..I’ve been around family a lot lately so it’s been easy..but I hope to find it within myself one day.

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