Ramblings of Love

12 thoughts on “Ramblings of Love”

  1. hahaha you’re crazy but I empathize with you. I like the italics for the inner thoughts, I am also a loner; I do a great job of masking my emotions and I can’t be read. I can read you (literally) and I think it’s cool that you’re expressing how you really feel when others don’t (like me, but I usually do it through music). I hope you did well on your finals!

    1. Lol don’t I know it. I’m glad we’re the same in some ways, and I’m also glad you have an outlet for your feelings. Never bottle them. That never ends well. I hope you like what you read 🙂 &yes! I’m making finals week my bitch.

      1. I’m glad you’re doing well on your finals! And i’m glad that you admitted that you’re crazy lol. I’m the king at bottling my emotions though, i feel as if that is the only way to keep my sanity

      2. Idk why I’m just seeing this comment. Thank you 🙂 &don’t bottle them. Sometimes it’s hard to open ourselves up to emotions and it makes us a bit vulnerable, but as corny as it sounds, I think it’s really important to feel. It may seem as though you’re keeping your sanity, I do it sometimes too, but when you really look at it..you’re kind of losing a piece of yourself, you know? Free yourself, Lo

      1. 10wk3y.wordpress.com you better follow too cuz i’m following you! I have no posts yet :/ but stay tuned.

      2. I already followed 🙂 at least I think I did! I clicked the link above your comment. Your page is empty right now, but I’m sure the posts to come will be great. I’ll keep an eye out 🙂

  2. Well look at that, your blog inspired someone to start a blog. Does that make you a muse? It does in my book, and its the reason I am blogging.

    I agreed with your post about self love. I used to think I could be happy if I pleased others and worked to make sure they were happy. My belief was that if they were happy and around me, then I would be too.

    Sadly, as time went by I found i was not any happier. Happiness starts with yourself, it is found in forgivness of ones self and lving your self in the process. When you take time to look inward rather than outward for happiness, you can really find it.

    1. Ha! Cool way to see that, I’ve never been a muse before lol. &I agree. In the midst of pleasing others and making them happy, we must also satisfy ourselves. If only it was so easy to find that love and happiness within ourselves. It’s worth it, but definitely a journey

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