Rays of My Sun


I wasn’t aware of your infinite beauty…
I wasn’t prepared for the things you could do to me,
Introduce to me.
I didn’t know I’d let you unravel me
Like a finely wrapped present on a white Christmas morning..
My contents kept hidden
Until you relieved me of my distress..
I welcomed your caress
And began to imagine you lifting my dress,
Kissing my neck.

Unbeknownst to you, I’ve welcomed your advances.
I refuse to let go of my insecurities..
But for you, I shall.
I will deny every feeling that enamors my soul,
But for you..
I’m a star.
Let’s run away in the realm of lovers,
Let us explore the galaxy of hope,
And then peruse the universe of sunshine..

Having been down this road, doubt litters the corners of my mind,
Haunting and daunting the very existence of..
But, darling, you are beautiful.
Your shine eradicates the need for glitters and gold,
You feel like the cool breeze that eases my mind and passes through my fingers..
A breeze we wish to hold on to, but dreadfully watch as it slips away.
Darling, you..
Are my sun.
The heat that warms my cool heart and my cold skin.
I wish to be your ray for this lifetime and the ones that follow,
I hope to make the corners of your mouth turn upwards
What I feel at this moment,
My love,
I’m afraid it’s not going away.
I’m afraid it’s sticking..
And I,
We are stuck.

We’ve coalesced and
When you hurt, my body trembles in pain..
When I cry, frustration encompasses your being.
I’m almost afraid to ponder the idea of you dying..
…Of me dying.
I can only hope that our love will live on..
&That even in the darkness of the afterlife,
You will continue to shine your light upon me..
And guide me
Back to you, darling.
For you are the place I desire to be,
The oxygen I’d like to breathe,
The only love I’ve ever believed
&you, my sun, my breeze..
Are the rays of my life
&I the rays of yours..

As fear erupts in my heart,
I hesitantly walk towards you
And await for the upturned corners to greet me..
The kisses on my neck to relieve me..
Because my darling,
Your existence is all I need in this cruel world.
&your acceptance of my..
Tarnished disposition
Wilted condition…
Makes my heart
&the rays of my sun,
Eternally yours.


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