I’ve been screaming..
&no one can hear me.
No one will see me
&This feeling won’t free me.
My mind has gone into over-drive,
Constantly throwing daggers
At my self-esteem..
Water-boarding me in a
Burning pit of anguish..
And now I’m invisible.
This morose mental state
Refuses to let me go.
It brings forth night terrors of the worst kind,
I find myself searching
Bottomless pits for
The corners of my mind..
Hoping that sanity will find me first.
In the bright, protection of the morning,
I’m greeted by a menacing,
Black depression..
I’ve perfected the art of suppression,
So..perhaps I’m to blame
For this overwhelming aggression..
That eats at my body
By insufficient
I often imagine myself
Trapped writhing inside
The confines of big, clear box.
I watch helplessly
As the world endlessly
Pick at me.
A crowd gathers around
The emotions I’ve left scattered.
They watch as I self-deteriorate
Like mindless hawks..
And I’m scared.
But at this point, I’m not sure it matters.
What little is left of me,
Has gotten pretty tired.
I’ve silently admired
How well I transpire
The appearance of one who desires
Real, true happiness..
But if someone would take
A closer the brightness
Of my morning,
They’d see that my antics have
All just been a warning..
What I truly desire is
A little help to quiet down the storming
That has been brewing in my mind..
To ease the warring
That’s taken place in my life..
To bring forth a warming,
Soothing pair of arms.
To keep me from doing things
That will cause a dark&deep mourning.


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