The Beauty In All Things Familiar

4 thoughts on “The Beauty In All Things Familiar”

  1. Oh, I love the last line. I do not save my work enough. I love to people watch and come up with their stories in my mind. in my mind like a david Linkletter movie I would want to follow them for a bit until they interacted with someone and then follow that person for a bit until they encountered the next. I wondered where I would end up if I could do that.

      1. it goes both ways, thank you. I better start getting good at the writing or I am going to get fired from my real job. i just wish I had more time to work on it, I rarely revise and all you see are first draft stream of consciousness. let me know if you are enjoying “Grey’s” posts.

      2. &I’m here wishing for a real job. The last job I had was okay, but I spent more time writing poems and beginnings of stories on notepads and napkins. Though you’re tired at the end of a work day, write something. Anything. As long as you keep your creative juices flowing, you’ll be alright. Just don’t let them fall by the way side. As far as “Grey’s” posts, I am more than enjoying them. You’re great, and I look forward to our interactions with every post. I wish you’d give yourself more credit. You really are a great writer 🙂 I’m about to read your last post.

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