Wine Glass Reflections

There comes a moment when you realize just how alone you are. She has him, he has her, they have each other, and you… Well, you have you. That’s not entirely a terrible thing to have yourself to rely on Because what many don’t realize is that… You can make you happy. You can make … Continue reading Wine Glass Reflections


Frightened Liar

I almost apologized to you today. I was giving advice to a friend, and as the words were leaving my mouth, I began to understand just how I hurt you. After all these years, it finally made sense. I’ve apologized to you endlessly, but I never fully comprehended what I did to you. How the … Continue reading Frightened Liar

Baring It All: Late Night Chronicles

Hmmm....I find myself late-night blogging yet again. Tonight is an interesting night, though. I'll tell you why. One of the worst feelings is looking in the mirror and not liking what you see. Not understanding why you look the way you do..why blemishes and acne scars won't just leave you alone. Or why you seem … Continue reading Baring It All: Late Night Chronicles

Ramblings of Love

Hey there, fellow night owls.I found this blog tonight that really made me feel a certain way about life. I hope it's okay if I don't share it. Some things, you save for yourself. Though I have many realistic boulders weighing heavily on my mind, I'd rather focus on me right now. I'd rather focus … Continue reading Ramblings of Love