Wine Glass Reflections

There comes a moment when you realize just how alone you are. She has him, he has her, they have each other, and you… Well, you have you. That’s not entirely a terrible thing to have yourself to rely on Because what many don’t realize is that… You can make you happy. You can make … Continue reading Wine Glass Reflections


Frightened Liar

I almost apologized to you today. I was giving advice to a friend, and as the words were leaving my mouth, I began to understand just how I hurt you. After all these years, it finally made sense. I’ve apologized to you endlessly, but I never fully comprehended what I did to you. How the … Continue reading Frightened Liar

Rays of My Sun

I wasn't aware of your infinite beauty... I wasn't prepared for the things you could do to me, Introduce to me. I didn't know I'd let you unravel me Like a finely wrapped present on a white Christmas morning.. My contents kept hidden Until you relieved me of my distress.. I welcomed your caress And … Continue reading Rays of My Sun