4 thoughts on “Journal”

  1. okay, this is spooky, I felt like you. I failed miserably at writing the old fashioned way, couldn’t even write letters to friends or penpals when I was a kid, but emails hey, that’s the best they end up longer than my stories sometimes, writing stories, poems etc on computers is a breeze, put it on paper and I fail miserably. Even my journals suck on paper, I have gobs of journals picked up started, then put aside. but then this writer is slowly, perpetually going insane.. πŸ™‚ oh and how true on the empath emotional point, I love what you wrote here, and I can so relate.

    1. Yes! Me too! Lol there’s literally one sitting on my bed right now. I started it because I wanted to try and I just…couldn’t. It’s the weirdest thing. &I’m not surprised you relate to that! After your post about feeling insane, it makes sense. You and I are people who are in touch with true and raw emotions, and I think it’s beautiful.

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