Wilted Flowers

15 thoughts on “Wilted Flowers”

  1. There is literally nothing that I don’t love about this post. I had to take a few minutes of just staring at the wall after reading this, just to digest it. So damn good.
    I came across this post by coincidence, but I can guarantee you I’ll be reading everything you post from now on.

      1. I stumble as a writer. I am merely trying to find my voice. Your style is farther along. Just spread out or break out your writing into more paragraphs to make it visually easier to read. I am hooked.

      2. Oh, believe when I say that I stumble. We all do. Writing can be difficult, you know? Thank you, though 🙂 &Yes, I’m now learning that it is best to do that. I have to go back and edit my older posts so they’re not so scary looking lol. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      3. My older posts are older post and a snapshot of a feeling, emotion, or experience. I leave it alone as it is me as I was and I don’t want to change that.

      4. And I don’t think you should. That gives your writing personality, it speaks of who you once were and it shows your growth. Writing with your own voice is always important. I used to try to write like my favorite authors, but it never worked out. We just have to be ourselves and be accepting of who that person is. &You seem great, by the way, so don’t change a thing.

  2. My first thought “OMG is this your life?”, my next thought “You’re beautiful”, whether it is a story or real life, it shattered me and left me whole. How did you do that? I love this because it took me somewhere I never expected to go.

    1. Thank you so much! It isn’t my life at all, but when I saw the picture, I immediately imagined her being an escort and then the story created itself as I wrote each word. I’m so glad you enjoyed it the way you did. It makes my writing worthwhile 🙂

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