I am afraid.
I’m filled with this morbid fear
That eats at my mind,
Eats at my ability
To think properly
&make conscious decisions.
I am confused
And I am…alone.
The voices inside of my head
Serve as enemies with
Intentions of the worst kind…
They are riddled with emotion,
&Go against the logic in my brain..
Tell me to jump when I should sit
They urge me to give up&quit,
Do what I feel
At all times because emotions
Hold the key to life..
But perhaps I’ve been lied to
Because the key I have doesn’t
Fit in any keyholes.
It doesn’t unlock any doors,
Or help me reach my goals…
Instead, this key makes me fold.
It makes me afraid, then leaves me cold.
I’ve been turned into everything
I shouldn’t be..
I can’t turn off my thoughts,
Move past the self-inflicted rot..
Be a normal person and just live.
I want to live,
Be free and go on journeys,
But the only road I’ve been on
Is the interstate of confusion
&I don’t know how to get off.
I’d like to power down my brain,
Be a normal person and just live.
Be free and find myself…
Even though I think I lost myself
When I lost you.


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