by farrahdomid


I’m not sure you understand
The magnitude of my feelings towards you..
How your smile tends to uplift me,
It turns my black sky, blue.
I’m not sure I’ve explained
How my heart seems to expand
When you walk by me slowly
&your scent seeps into
My skin..
You hold my mind in the palm of my hands..
&I’m then frozen in my stance..
As I watch you, watching me…
Watching how our eyes sultrily dance.
You and I are where
The sun&the moon shall meet..
Except we don’t separate to
Live two different lives..
We flourish freely in the vast sky.
Then we slip away discreetly
Never noticing the time passing by..
Only the ignited light in each other’s eyes.
The moment I gave me to you..
My heart swooned deeply..
You opened your arms so sweetly
&I began to understand
That love was not beneath me..
You tucked away our indiscretions so neatly..
We’d return to the world
&I’d try to find various things to complete me..
But it’s only you who sees me.
Only you who breathes me…
&Yet, it’s still you who bleeds me.