I’m not sure you understand
The magnitude of my feelings towards you..
How your smile tends to uplift me,
It turns my black sky, blue.
I’m not sure I’ve explained
How my heart seems to expand
When you walk by me slowly
&your scent seeps into
My skin..
You hold my mind in the palm of my hands..
&I’m then frozen in my stance..
As I watch you, watching me…
Watching how our eyes sultrily dance.
You and I are where
The sun&the moon shall meet..
Except we don’t separate to
Live two different lives..
We flourish freely in the vast sky.
Then we slip away discreetly
Never noticing the time passing by..
Only the ignited light in each other’s eyes.
The moment I gave me to you..
My heart swooned deeply..
You opened your arms so sweetly
&I began to understand
That love was not beneath me..
You tucked away our indiscretions so neatly..
We’d return to the world
&I’d try to find various things to complete me..
But it’s only you who sees me.
Only you who breathes me…
&Yet, it’s still you who bleeds me.


10 thoughts on “Orbit

  1. There are such extremes here, I can totally relate to the feeling. I especially loved flourished in the vast sky line. That line spoke to me as the muse who inspired me is always on my mind when I see a vast blue sky, namely when I am flying, I do that a lot for work.

    1. Wow, you’re a pilot? How amazing! You must never get tired of seeing the beautiful sky. &yes, I definitely agree. This was inspired by someone who I find beautiful and fascinating.

      1. Oh no not a pilot…I just fly from city to city for work…I spend too much time on planes, making single serving friends who sit next to me.

      2. True you just never know what you will get. Sometimes I see someone interesting boarding and I sort of hope they sit next to me. Most times I get someone who will just talk about mindless trivia. Do you know how much snow fell in Michigan this year? I do, someone on a flight told me all about for almost 2 hours..lol

      3. Lmao that’s the worst! Things like that happen to me too. I always want the person who seems to have the most interesting to say, but I get the guy who wants to talk about America’s greatest landmarks. I certainly hope that the next time you board a flight, you sit with someone both cool and interesting

      4. Let’s see what the airline roulette gives me tomorrow. Likely a grandma who will want to show me adorable pictures of grand kids. While the person reading Chuck Klosterman is on the other side of the isle.

      5. I really just laughed out loud at that. You’re pretty funny, Grey. Lol I’ll be crossing my fingers for you. I’m also going to do some research on Chuck Klosterman

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