The Need

I just want to be intimate with someone again.
Feel the heat&that pressure
Rattling my rib cage again.
Making me come alive
In the night sky,
Brimming the surface
&bubbling over with desire.
Bubbling over with you.
I just need to be held once more..
&Perhaps a few times after that,
Because my nights get restless
&sometimes, I’d like to tell someone
To caress this..
&I’d like for someone to be relentless
In pursuing me and my efforts
To maintain
A fiery, flame.
I’d keep the stove piping hot
While we lavish ourselves
In a melting pot
Of blissful romance.
I’d like to be touched.
I need for you to smell my skin,
Rub me softly
&then let yourself in.
But unfortunately, I’m willing to take what’s being offered.
My evenings have gotten
Awfully lonely&
Frankly, I’d like to be in the company
Of someone who doesn’t solely
Want my body, but wants to love my heart
But it’s my breath I shouldn’t hold
To find someone who truly believes
I’m made of gold,
Filled with diamonds
Yet, can never be sold.
I won’t wish to be adored,
I won’t wish to be admired.
I won’t hope to be loved more than ever before.
In time, it shall be given,
But right now, I need to feel the
Light pressure of finger tips
Treading my goosebumps
&Kissing my lips.
I’d like to reconnect a piece of myself
&share it with you feverishly.
Then, when it’s all said and done,
You and I would disappear mysteriously.
Remove all traces of an affair
That we could never take seriously..
But we’d appreciate the mist of passion
We created on the fly.
We got ourselves&our bodies high
&…that is all I need.
You, me, &a night spent with you
Between my knees.


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