Staring deeply into her vanity
Basking in the sanity
Fearing the catastrophe
Of a commitment that would become her life
The eternal attachment defined as her strife.
Buried deep into her soul
Was the abhorrence of finding your half and then becoming whole
Sharing intimate moments and losing control..
Losing your mind
And withstanding the fetters of restraints
Emptying your heart out and resenting your distraite
The inability to keep your senses constrained
And remain
Out of the grimy hands of pain..
For this is a union intended to sustain
Or perhaps, it’s agreeing to a death warrant mandating that a brain so in vain
Vindicates watching life pass through the glass of a windowpane.
Observing her eyes
And brooding in scorn,
A dagger stuck out of the heart that was unable to conform..
The heart incapable of producing anything but dark clouds and thunder storms.
There she sat, swimming in beauty
There she cried, drowning in lies
Absorbing the meek darkness behind a pretty face that internalized
All the hidden truths that made her heart paralyzed..


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