I appreciate your candor. I now understand who you think I am &What you believe I am here for. Thank you for creating a monster... To you, I am vile. My main purpose is to ruin, Turn everything gold into Thick, dark ashes. Thick, dark gloom to your Mediocre life. Thank you for isolating me. … Continue reading Isolation


Someone I Don’t Know

Someone I don't know died today. Perhaps they went peacefully, their spirit slowly being released from their body and their last breath being taken. Or, they died violently. They could have been thrown from a windshield during a head on collision. However that person went, they're now a fading presence. That's the eerie thing about … Continue reading Someone I Don’t Know

Wilted Flowers

“My mother didn't like me very much. She never stated it, but the things left unsaid sometimes speak the loudest. My last memory of her is when I was little girl— I can never remember the exact age, but I know it was during that precious time where you think the world is perfect. It’s … Continue reading Wilted Flowers