Saw this on Twitter and fell in love. How could you not?


2 thoughts on “Paratroopers

  1. It is beautiful but terrifying as well. You need clean un obstructed air to fall safely. With so many parachutes in the area if one passed beneath you it cuts off your air and your parachute collapses when that happens you feel your body accelerate as you begin to free fall and hear your parachute flap violently in the air empty with nothing to hold to slow you down. You look up at your collapsing parachute the lines getting slack. Will it continue to crumble and wrap you in silk as you fall to the bottom?

    1. I would like for you to realize how beautiful and descriptive that was. It was a simple explanation, but I already see it as something more. You’re not stumbling as much as you think, Grey. As far as the parachutes, that sounds incredibly scary, but in a way, very exciting. Well, exciting if it ends well lol

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