“We’re both fascinated by sex. It’s spiritual for us. I met her a few years ago at a fetish club in some really skanky part of the city. I had some chick on a swing fucking herself with a champagne bottle, and then Trixie walked by. A lot of interesting shit went down that night, but since then, we’ve been very experimental with each other. It started out as a friends with benefits kind of thing, you know. We’d get doped up on H and spend the night scavenging each other’s erotic souls. Once we started to make a business out of what we were doing, it just kind of became obvious that we should be together. I’m not sure I’ll meet another person who won’t be totally fucking skeezed out by seeing me in drag, you know. Trixie is different. She helps me take all of my shit off and then fucks me or something, man. Can’t tell you why, but she gets turned on by blowing me with the complete make-up and costume on. She’s crazy, but I love it. Anyway, the only time I ever feel like some kind of freak is when I’m out in public. Society has a way of taking everything that’s beautiful and contorting it into a gross fucking abomination. I am who I am, you know. This corset is making me feel pretty sexy on the inside, but it’s just really uncomfortable to have out in public because normal people don’t truly appreciate the beauty of expressive sex. It’s also pinching the fuck out of my rib. Trixie kept calling us twins this morning and got a good laugh out of it. I let her have her fun, but she wouldn’t let it go so I bent her over the sink and fucked her till she said sorry. I asked her who her twin was after, but she didn’t have much to say. Yeah, I don’t know man, we just really enjoy each other. Whenever we’re at a gig, I’ll watch her captivate everyone’s fucking life with her tantalizing body and I’ll kind of feel my heart start swelling, or my palms start to get sweaty. I don’t tell her how I feel all the time, I don’t like to talk about that stuff, but I show her in different ways. I let her in. I let her know me. I’m not afraid with her, you know. She’s my friend. And now that we’re in business together, I’ve learned that I can trust her.”
“What business is this exactly?”
“Oh, we play out people’s sexual fantasies and help them get to know themselves on a more intimate level. If we get them to participate, it’s a fucking success. It’s a very lucrative business if you know the right people. After our first night at the fetish club, we kept going to other ones, you wouldn’t fucking believe how many there are, man. One night, we went over to Sleazy’s and started doing our thing, you know. She was really into BDSM back then so I let her be my master. I had a gag ball in my mouth, anal beads up my ass, and had hot candle wax all over my back, when a crowd slowly formed around us. Some fucking guy asked her if he could fuck me while I sucked off her strap-on, and after that, it was a fucking domino-effect. People kept shouting out different things to do, different positions to try, and we did it all. We didn’t stop to breathe or get water, we just stared into each other’s eyes and our souls just slowly became one. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. Anyway, after that, people requested us to come into their homes and show them a couple tricks. You wouldn’t imagine the people who call us.
“Who’ve you met that’s been the most interesting?”
“Confidential, man. Alright, I promised Trixie I’d fuck her in the cab on the way to our next appointment. Valentine’s Day get pretty hectic.”


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