Peter in New York

Peter in New York

“My grandkids gave me this camera for Christmas. The thing is so complicated, and I don’t understand why. A camera doesn’t need all these buttons, why do these things have so many buttons now? I told them that they should’ve saved their money and bought me a Kodak camera at Walgreens or CVS for less than $10. They said it was the cool, new thing to do these days; to just walk around taking pictures of things with these fancy schmancy cameras. They’re crazy, all these kids are. I told them I didn’t have time to do that, that I didn’t care about these new trends, and they said, “Grandpa, make time. You don’t have to watch The Price Is Right every morning. Come on!” So now, here I am. I mean, how could I argue with that? Those kids, I tell ya. They’re a hoot. I gotta tell ya, I’ve seen pretty interesting things out in the streets. People in New York these days are crazy. Everybody is trying to stand out the most, be the most different. Why does it matter? If you stand out to yourself, then screw the rest. But what do I know, I’m old. It sure didn’t look like this forty years ago, I’ll tell you that.” – Peter Grandbury*

* I didn’t take this picture, and I’m not sure who did. I found it on Google and just wrote a little story around it. I’m also not sure if Peter Grandbury is a real person.


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