I'd like to submerge myself In a pool of drugs. Get doped up and shove my Problems under a rug, Under a shield of protection That can never be compromised, Under a veil that could Never show the darkness that lies in my eyes... Each night, before I lay, I cry and I cry Of … Continue reading Submarine



I feel like I need to scream. Like I need to punch someone in the face in slow motion so I can see and feel every bit of it. There aren't enough hours in the day. There isn't enough money in my bank account. This week feels like a gunshot to my head, and yet, … Continue reading Defeated.

How to Escape the Claws of the Grammar Police

The Daily Post

If superfluous commas, misplaced apostrophes (looking at you, it’s/its, they’re/their!), and sentence-ending prepositions make you flinch in horror, you’re in the right place. We take grammar seriously at The Daily Post; my fellow editors and I can often be found quibbling and nitpicking over tenses, modes, and — you guessed it — punctuation. Good writing, though, isn’t merely about adhering to rules. It’s also about knowing how and when to break them. Today, let’s talk about grammar — and the kinds of liberties you might consider taking with it.

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The Bouquet

"Uh, well these are for my girlfriend's mom. We've been together for six years and she never came out of the closet. I, you know, I understood. It Yeah, interesting to say the least, but you know, when you love someone, you just...yeah. So like, her mom wants to meet me now. Like, at … Continue reading The Bouquet


I wrote a story pretty recently that kind of left me on my ass. I think it made me scared to write. I was so caught up with posting things and making sure that I was consistent that I kind of lost myself. I lost my art. I re-read my story White Walls, and honestly, … Continue reading Bloopers.