Once Again

Sometimes when I’m sitting alone

I picture your hands around me…your breath on my neck,

Your lingering kiss on my cheek.

You’re my sunshine in the morning light

&my moonlight at the end of a river..

With the stroke of a brush,

You intricately painted your soul on mine

&we formed our hearts around one another.

I equals you, you equals me…

It was easy,

It was bliss and it was perfection.

They say that nothing good lasts forever

So I made sure to never let you get to me..

I made sure to not stare at your smile for too long..

I didn’t allow myself to run my fingers through your curly, matted hair..

&I made myself forget your scent.

Then I forgot the way your hand feels on me..

But this battle between my heart and my conscience

Wasn’t an easy one because at the stroke of midnight,

I’d be awakened in a pool of sweat for you had once again..

Entered my thoughts.

For you had once again found your way back into my head

And I simply couldn’t get you out.

You had once again ruined my peace and revived

The demon, the beast, who denied of me of sleep..

Denied me of a life outside of you.

The unfortunate part of this would be that love can

Sometimes lie in a faded memory.

Love can sometimes lie in the darkest part of your mind

&reappear instantly.

For…you had once again found your way back to my senses..

Your smell rested on my pillow&i imagined you lying there with me..

I imagined our restless nights..

Our spiritual connection,

&I imagined you…

Because…nothing could suppress my thoughts of you.

Nothing could suppress my love for you.

For you had once again forced your way into my heart

& now our love lies

In the treasure box that is my mind

And only you hold the key,

Only you hold the recipe that contains

My deepest memory

Of what it is to really feel love,

Be love,

Experience everything about love.

For the rest of my existence,

You’ll continue to once again

Disturb my life…disturb my peace

Interrupt my sleep

And crawl inside of my dreams…

Until you know that I can feel you again,

Until you’re sure I can breathe you again.

And now once again,

The midnight is upon

My restless, breathless soul

And I await your entrance

Through my bedroom window

That leads to my heart

So you can once again…

Entertain my thoughts. 


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