Black Birds

All I need is my music to put me to sleep..

The sweet melody to ease my worries

Sweep away my pain

&Silence the anger.

All I need is a kiss from you to quiet the world,

The chaos and destruction

The voices that force

Catastrophes of mild proportions.

The blood flowing through my veins

Threaten to quit

As the thoughts inside of my head

Beg to be silenced

And the violence

Beguiles the belief

That hope is of existence.

So I patiently wait my turn

To fade away

And fly into the distance

With the black birds,

My soul attached to their wings

As we surpass the dangers below..

Except, you see..

As….as I lie awake

In the darkness of the night

The moon envelops me

In an embrace of warmth and peace,

The vibrant sirens form a crease

In the platform of life, making me want to leave

Because all of a sudden, I can’t breathe



Or hear

As my senses have been jarred.

I’m glued to the inevitability of the

Destruction&catastrophes of wild proportions

And I try to scream,

But what flies out are black butterflies

Of death, terror, angst

And now my music won’t rescue my aching soul

For the tears of Mother Earth have begun to drown it out.

Your touch won’t free me

For I’ve been detained by these shackles

My skin is being bruised

And my heart begins to crackle,

Ready to explode

Begging to implode..

&that is all I ask for

Grant me this wish and my pleading will end..

The sounds will cease

And perhaps I’ll be free..

I can taste it on my tongue,

A mixture of deep blood&dirty, dirty rum

I can feel my insides rotting,

My body willingly succumbs

Becomes numb

&I won’t dare fight as I pray my time has come..

I can longer be fettered to the darkness

This world isn’t the same..

I thought I’d be rescued, but instead I’ve gone insane

My brain has collapsed

&you now live in vain

So I bid farewell

As my eyes close eternally

I can no longer inhale the brutality,

A formality of existing in this world

So it is by choice, I leave you in this filth

I’ve packaged up your kisses to get me through

I’ve bagged up your touch so I can remain anew

Refrain from being blue…

Blue as the sky that contains

The black birds.

Black as my soul that contains

Tar and mold

Of a world so cold.

Perhaps we’ll meet

In a realm filled with happiness,

We could use the change…

And so could the birds who remain

In their cage

Of a blue sky that serves as the world’s stage. 

– Farrah Daniel


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