It begins with a slow crawl up my legs..
A tingly sensation making it’s way between my thighs,
Making the connection to my brain that..
Want you..
Right now.
I find myself in bed..
Spreading my legs, reaching my hands down my body
Wishing they were yours
Because baby, if they were yours..
I’d be forced to let to you in,
Let you touch me
And feel me
All the ways I’ve imagined that you would
Because you see..
The warmth pooling down below
Is gravitating and catching up to me
It’s choking me
And now I can’t breathe..
I can only bite down on my lips in agony
Pure agony, baby, agony..
My slender fingers don’t do any justice,
But right now..
As I tenderly tease myself,
Running my hands along the surface of what you said is yours daddy..
The beat of my heart begins to race,
Pounding in my chest
The way I want you to pound my ooh..
With your…*sighs*
The pulsating, throbbing,
Deep growl emitting from my lady
Has my body shaking
And my imagination out of control..
I want you on top of me,
Gripping my body
While I grind on yours,
Moaning in your ear
As you thrust
Because all I can think right now
Is “yes baby, it’s yours..all of it is yours.”
At this point, my fingers are moving faster than a slithering snake coming after
its prey..
I’m writhing in bed with my eyes closed
And my ass in the air,
Waiting for to walk through my door
And enter me..
I want you to grab me like I belong to you
Hold me tight..
&fuck me.
I can no longer contain my cries of ecstasy,
I’m convinced that my vivid imagination has brewed you up
And here you are inside of me..
I’m positive that I can feel your breath on the side of my neck
As you pin my legs back and stroke me..
I know that you’re here because I can smell you,
I can taste you,
I can breathe you..
I’m getting closer and I can feel it..
Whenever I get to this point, I try to stop myself
Save myself from mediocrity
And await your arrival so you can put an end to my desires but,
There’s only one problem with that:
I have no self-control.
My mind is screaming “stop!”
But as I gyrate my hips..
My fingers make deep circles on my clit
Seldomly slipping a finger or two inside myself
Conjuring so much cum, I have to keep wiping my fingers…
&now I know that I’ve already lost this battle..
I never stood a chance
My body begins to convulse,
I’m gripping my sheets for help
But they seem to slip out of reach..
Leaving me helpless in an
Eye-twitching, body-reeling, cramp-producing
My achievement continues to pour out of me
&As I lay chest heaving
Trying to keep up,
I lean my head back and stare at the ceiling…
Imagining your tongue cleaning my mess,
Gripping my ass and pushing myself into your face..
Then my toes begin to curl…
&that slow crawl climbs up my legs..
I guess I wasn’t quite finished with you yet.


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