The Race

Mountains facing her, with a blue October sky. Frantically driving away from the daunting figments of her life. Evading the chances of an inevitable death. She runs from the constant fear and the darkness that never ceased to overwhelm. Sitting in that car, breathing harshly and hardly, checking the rear view for an unleashed demon, … Continue reading The Race


An Unrequited Craze

"You're crazy," he said,Sending my mind on a quest of mixed emotions..Eyes wideMouth agapeShoulders slumped..I fired back quick-witted responses..Annihilating each; none seeming worthy enough to regain victory post defeat.Defeat that could only be described as heartbreak.You're a beautiful melody lagging behind the summers haze,You're the streak of light bursting into a blind-shielded window..Begging to be … Continue reading An Unrequited Craze

Once Again

Sometimes when I’m sitting aloneI picture your hands around me…your breath on my neck,Your lingering kiss on my cheek.You’re my sunshine in the morning light&my moonlight at the end of a river..With the stroke of a brush,You intricately painted your soul on mine&we formed our hearts around one another.I equals you, you equals me…It was … Continue reading Once Again

Was Your English Lit Teacher Wrong About Symbolism?

101 Books

You always wondered if your college lit professor was just making crap up.

Turns out, maybe they were.

This article from The Paris Review offers a revealing take by many famous authors on how much symbolism played a part in their work.

Their comments were prompted by a letter from a 16-year-old Bruce McCallister in 1963. He was tired of the constant find-the-symbolism game in English class, so he took it upon himself to ask them what the big deal was with symbolism.

He mailed a simple four-question survey to more than 150 novelists. About half of them responded. The responses were varied, but most of the authors seemed to think symbolism is overanalyzed. Their comments were awesome:

The survey included the following questions:

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Daily Prompt: Nicest Thing You’ve Ever Done

Immediately, every homeless person I've ever encountered flooded my brain as I asked myself this question. For some reason, I always come across them and end up listening to their life story of how they ended up where they are. Each time, I was told that I have a kind soul, a warm heart, and … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Nicest Thing You’ve Ever Done