The Race

Mountains facing her, with a blue October sky. Frantically driving away from the daunting figments of her life. Evading the chances of an inevitable death. She runs from the constant fear and the darkness that never ceased to overwhelm. Sitting in that car, breathing harshly and hardly, checking the rear view for an unleashed demon, … Continue reading The Race

An Unrequited Craze

“You’re crazy,” he said, Sending my mind on a quest of mixed emotions.. Eyes wide Mouth agape Shoulders slumped.. I fired back quick-witted responses.. Annihilating each; none seeming worthy enough to regain victory post defeat. Defeat that could only be described as heartbreak. You’re a beautiful melody lagging behind the summers haze, You’re the streak … Continue reading An Unrequited Craze

Once Again

Sometimes when I’m sitting alone I picture your hands around me…your breath on my neck, Your lingering kiss on my cheek. You’re my sunshine in the morning light &my moonlight at the end of a river.. With the stroke of a brush, You intricately painted your soul on mine &we formed our hearts around one … Continue reading Once Again


  “How did you manage to get away tonight?” I wondered aloud. Although I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer, I somehow wanted, needed to fill the void I felt was there. Behind my back, my thumbs found their way to each other for an intense game of thumb of war, while inside … Continue reading Rendezvous

Black Birds

All I need is my music to put me to sleep.. The sweet melody to ease my worries Sweep away my pain &Silence the anger. All I need is a kiss from you to quiet the world, The chaos and destruction The voices that force Catastrophes of mild proportions. The blood flowing through my veins … Continue reading Black Birds